Set up by a team of enterprising professionals driven by the objective of providing customers with the best shopping experience in terms of service, range and price, ShopaMagic.com offers a user-friendly online shopping platform that connects savvy shoppers with popular retailers having a respectable brand image. From Cakes to Chocolates, Flowers, Apparels, Jewellery and more, ShopaMagic.com brings together the finest of quality items under one single platform that is well-supplemented by a host of customer-centric offerings like free home delivery, multiple payment options and 15 days money back guarantee, that appeals to the varied tastes of customers and delivers long term value for their shopping investment.

At ShopaMagic.com, we have two primary goals. The first goal is to enable customers to buy one-of-a-kind items that they can’t find anywhere else and the second goal is to provide leading shopping brands a platform that allows them to sell their products and reach out to more customers on a wider scale. By connecting top retailers to the online shoppers, ShopaMagic.com looks to provide both of them a convenient platform wherein they can realize their requirements with a minimum of fuss.

With the rapid growth of shopping thanks to Smartphone’s and apps opening up new opportunities, ShopaMagic.com looks to further position itself as an effective one-stop online shopping resource that connects with the tastes and aspirations of online shoppers as well as leverages prevalent technological advantages to cater to the ever-demanding needs of online shoppers.

Looking to the future, ShopaMagic.com aims to not only bring the latest of the finest quality items within easy reach of online shoppers, wherever they are, but also always stay a step ahead of competition by confirming to the latest market trends and adapting to the changing needs of online shoppers.


To be customer’s first choice and an integral part of their shopping lives, by providing them one-of-a-kind shopping experience through great products at competitive prices.


To sustain a shopping platform that constantly adheres to the highest quality standards while ensuring value for money for our customers & associates.


Customers are the focus of everything we do and towards that end, the following values help us sustain the focus consistently.

To always act with integrity, honesty and reliability.
To stay responsible in the pursuit of organizational goals and managerial actions.
To discharge all our obligations in a transparent manner.
To constantly explore creative processes in any form.
To constantly pursue with passion what we do and who we do it with and improve upon the same.
To always honor what we promise to others, be it our customers, associates or employees.
To attract and retain knowledgeable, technically skilled, experienced and capable people.

Because we

Provide quality 24*7 anytime shopping that’s hassle-free.
Provide a wide range of choices which means that you can be sure to find the most suitable product to meet your needs.
Provide products that are not only of high quality but also are competitively priced.
Provide a shopping experience that offers great value for money with the product and service, which is priceless.
Have a clear understanding of what is generally important with today’s consumers and know how to cater to them effectively.
Are an online shopping store in whom you can trust always.